Hi! I'm Mike. I am the creator of BeckerGames.com. It provides people with free software that I developed. I am currently working on a multi-platform game for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Xbox and Playstation platforms. You can follow my Becker Games Facebook page to find out more! 


I created BeckerMarket.com to give people a trustworthy website to find the best products online. I have seen a high uprising in fake/cheap China products that are being bought from Alibaba and resold for almost twice the price. The products break within a couple months, the seller jumps ship and recreates a new account to sell from.


I felt a website like this that was transparent about its products would be helpful. I provide user ratings, FakeSpot grade and price history all in one place. Share my website with your friends and family if you find it helpful :). My cat's name is Oscar btw lol :D

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