A device that wedges into your car's AC vent. You then stick the included magnet inbetween your phone and its case to make your phone "magically" stick to the device!

WizGear Magnetic Car Phone Mount [2 Pack]

  • Check it out on Amazon.com!
    I'd recommend you wait until the price is below $10 to buy it.

  • I love this thing. It is amazing for the price. I have a smaller phone and it works great. If you have a very large phone, then I would recommend you use 2 of the provided magnets to strenthen the magnetic connection.


    Do not worry about harming your phone with the magnets. Your phone does not have a magnetic hard drive, it uses solid state technology and is safe to use around magnets. Even a magnetic hard disk drive is okay around magnets because it has a shield to protect the platter that contains all of the data.


    The device that goes into your vent is metal, covered in rubber. If the rubber is exposed, then the metal can scratch your vent. I have an old car and don't care about small scratches. But if you have a newer car and don't want to scratch your vent, then that's something to think about.


    This thing has been much better than the suction cup mounts. I really enjoy this thing and hope you do too!

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